O – ring design knowledge set

Feb 06

First, O-shaped rubber seal is a circular cross-section of the sealing element, it is widely used in a variety of mechanical equipment, at a certain temperature, pressure and different liquid or gas medium to play the role of sealing, and other seals Ring, has the following advantages:
①, sealing parts of a simple structure, the installation site is compact, and lighter weight.
②, a self-sealing effect, often only a seal will be able to complete the sealing Groove and compression
The compression ratio of O-shaped rubber seal for fixed seal is generally 15-25% (this data is the empirical data), 10 ~ 12% for reciprocating motion and 3 ~ 5 for rotary motion. % Of the compression rate, commonly used O-shaped rubber ring compression and groove size shown in Table 4-1-9 cnc drill effect.
③, good sealing performance, used as a fixed seal almost no leakage when used as a sports seal, only at higher speeds when some leakage.
④, the movement friction resistance is very small, also can adapt to the pressure change situation.
⑤, size and groove has been standardized, low cost, easy to use, easy to use and outsourcing.
Compared with other seals, there are the following three problems:
①, the starting friction resistance.
②, used as a pneumatic device seal, you must add lubricants to prevent wear.
③, the coupling parts, such as sports surfaces angle bending machine, grooves, gaps and other processing size and precision requirements are very strict.
Structural Design Principle of O – ring Rubber Seal
Because O-ring seals are used in a variety of trenches, the mounting trenches are listed in Table 4-1-3.


Pressure and seal clearance
O-ring rubber seals are generally produced by the rebound of the compression to be sealed, but with the pressure increases, it is squeezed into the seal turbidity gap to produce a shape change, as shown in Figure 4-1


In order to O-shaped rubber seal with a good seal and extend the service life, O-ring rubber seal must be installed groove and seal the gap between the design of appropriate, when the gap is too large O-ring rubber seal in the oil pressure Under the role of squeeze gap, causing damage, causing leakage. When the working pressure is less than 9.8Mpa generally do not design the retaining ring, when the pressure is greater than 9.8Mpa iron punching machine when the O-shaped rubber ring bearing pressure surface is easy to be squeezed out, should be added ring; if one-way compression in the bearing surface set a block Circle, if the two-way compression will have to set two retaining ring, as shown in Figure 4-2


O-ring performance standards


The relationship between the hardness of O – ring and the maximum clearance and working pressure of groove
Sealing gap size and pressure levels, rubber hardness and O-shaped rubber seal section of the diameter of the relevant circumstances, see the following table:


Groove depth in piston rod seal


Depth of the groove when sealing the cylinder bore


Radially seals the depth of the groove
General radial seal groove width; see Table 4-1-5


Axial Groove Width and Depth of O – Ring Seals with Different Cross – Section
Axial seal groove width and depth; see Table 4-1-8 for axial seal groove width and depth


The relationship between the hardness of O – ring rubber material and working pressure
In the rubber material standard, the hardness and compression set the most important performance of the two. Select the smaller compression deformation of the rubber material on the sealing performance is beneficial, and the hardness of the O-shaped rubber seal pressure and anti-squeeze is sheet metal punch essential. According to domestic standards and practical experience, the rubber at the specified temperature of the maximum compression deformation of not more than 50%. The hardness of the rubber and seal work pressure is closely related to the higher the pressure, the hardness is higher; see Table 4-1-11


Note: Rotary movement working pressure is generally not more than 0.4 Mpa, hardness selected in (70 ± 5) degrees; beyond 0.4 Mpa according to a special seal device design.
Groove finish requirements
The smoothness of the trench, the roughness of the trench contact surface, has a significant effect on the sealing effect and durability.
The surface roughness of each mating coupling groove of the seal groove


Groove and compression
The compression ratio of O-shaped rubber seal for fixed seal is generally 15-25% (this data is the empirical data), 10 ~ 12% for reciprocating motion and 3 ~ 5 for rotary motion. % Of the compression rate, commonly used O-shaped rubber ring compression and groove size shown in Table 4-1-9


Interpretation of Growth Trend of Space Laser Used in Proximity Sensing

Jan 24

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA’sGoddardSpaceFlightCenter), researchers are working to study the future of space flight and remote sensing instruments used in laser launchers, including for the ice cover and marine ice monitoring micro-pulse laser altimeter, A laser spectroscopy instrument for atmospheric carbon dioxide detection, and a laser imaging radar for high-resolution imaging of the Earth’s surface cnc punching machine. In addition, these flying loads can also be used for the detection of the atmosphere of other stars in the solar system and for the imaging of the stars cnc machining center. In this paper, we first summarize NASA’s previous space-borne laser-borne launchers for Mars, Mercury, Earth and Lunar Orbit, and then synthesize the current space flight laser load projects, and introduce their science of proximity sensing And to explore the use of the expected results.


There are three laser loads in use today, and their mission is to use scientific data on the Earth induction welding, Moon, and Mercury so that we can more deeply understand our planet and the solar system. All of these radar systems use a semiconductor laser array-pumped high power quasi-persistent solid-state laser as a light source. The first solid-state laser pumped on-board semiconductor laser was the Mars satellite laser altimeter, which was launched in 1996 and provides a large number of high-resolution Mars profiles. Subsequently, in 2003, a laser altimeter was launched for earth sciences research. The laser load currently in use is the cloud-aerosol orthogonal polarimetric lidar, the Mercury laser altimeter, and the lunar satellite laser altimeter, which was launched in 2006. Although the current semiconductor-pumped solid-state lasers in space has made great success, but still can not meet the requirements of future laser radar. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a new type of space laser for future proximity sensing.

products inventory automatic punching machine

Dec 26

Punch, Taiwan Pneumatic Press, forging presses manufacturing plant – Shenzhen large punch suppliers Punch die industry to win foreign markets angle punch machine, we must address the current situation In this case, In recent years, the domestic industry is very rapid development of the press drilling equipment manufacturers, punch products in the domestic business also showed a good momentum. However, experts say, its good in domestic sales does not mean that in foreign countries will be able to sell well. Foreign markets have their own special needs and different from the domestic consumption habits. As China’s manufacturing market sentiment trend is still uncertain, and the decline in profit margins led to manufacturing enterprises to upgrade processing equipment and investment expansion will be lower in the next 2-3 quarters, China’s punch market demand rebounded, CNC punch products And the possibility of improvement in profitability of the punch manufacturing industry are still affected by the manufacturers need to maintain a certain level of capacity utilization and customer delays in delivery and other aspects of impact, punch manufacturers have not yet effectively consume finished products inventory automatic punching machine.

In this case, Therefore, China’s punch mold products in order to occupy a place in the international market, we must break through the following three constraints: First of all, our punch mold industry in the use of raw materials, there are still many shortcomings above; The development of punching mold industry in China has been greatly hindered; Finally, China’s punch mold industry supporting system is not yet sufficient. Only by increasing the R \u0026 D intensity and constantly adjusting its development mode and solving the above problems, can the punch press mold industry increase the weight in the competition in the foreign market, so as to promote its future development.

Punch high-precision machine tool industry-friendly domestic industry

Dec 26

domestic industry More than 100 kinds of independent innovation results show the industry to upgrade the new look. More than 70 machine tool manufacturers of more than 100 kinds of independent innovation results on display, including a number of high-end CNC punch and basic manufacturing equipment, major national scientific and technological achievements. These achievements have broken many bottlenecks which restrict the development of machine tool manufacturing technology in China for a long time, and have obtained many innovative achievements, covering many key hosts, high-performance numerical control systems, key functional parts and machine tool accessories. Many high-end boutique reflects the world’s advanced manufacturing technology in the field of domestic punch application. Nearly 300 (sets) of high-end boutique on display at the same time, these high-end boutique with the contemporary world of advanced manufacturing technology development trend of the basic technical characteristics of the world’s advanced manufacturing technology in China’s machine tool manufacturing applications reflect the real straightening machine, showing China’s machine tool The industry is actively follow up and adopt the world’s most advanced manufacturing technology, and strive to become one of the world’s advanced manufacturing technology into the tide.

Compared with the whole machine is that hundreds of manufacturers to provide tens of thousands of CNC systems, functional components, the amount of cutting tools and accessories exhibits , And a substantial increase in product technology. These basic matching products, show a synchronous and coordinated development of the punch tool industry best drill machine, the industrial structure is moving towards perfection. China’s machine tool output value for two consecutive years ranked first in the world Chamfering Machine, the development rate is much higher than Japan, Germany and other major machine tool producing countries. The face of new market demand situation, enterprises should focus on upgrading the market competitiveness of high-end CNC machine tools, efforts to enhance the high-end CNC system and supporting the ability of functional components, focus on enhancing the comprehensive service capabilities for the market, to accept in the market test. Machine tool products need to have a high performance stability, reliability and low cost, in order to have a lasting competitive edge in the market.

Punch load noise is really annoying

Dec 26

The causes of load operation noise are caused by tool and workpiece or stripper plate and blank impact milling drilling machine, stamping process of twisting and punching Drilling Machine for Plate. One punch stamping process of punching and torsional noise the largest noise. \t1. Punching shear noise. Stamping process different, very different noise. Sheet blanking than bending, deep drawing noise. The punch press, pressure wave, flanging, bending, drawing and other forming process noise is small. \t2. Punch noise. Torsional noise of the same type of punch press parts with the thickness, hardness, geometry, hammering speed, die clearance and other factors, the noise increases with these increases.

Punch work, the punch and the plate and the discharge plate and blank impact impact greatly enhanced Structural Steel Fabrication, with the impact of the impact speed also increased. The collision noise of the punch and the subsequent fracture sound of the material can be measured separately, and this measurement method has been implemented. In the same punch, punching thick, hard material than the punching thin, soft material noise. For thick ductile sheets, the impact noise is the same as the fracture sound.

Punch industry to meet the changing times, enterprises should be adjusted to develop

Dec 26

According to the relevant statistics show that in 2011 China’s punch tool industry total industrial output value of 660.65 billion yuan, an increase of 32%; product sales value of 642.49 billion yuan, an increase of 31%. China’s punch consumption has been ranked first in the world for ten consecutive years, the output value of punch for three consecutive years ranked first in the world, China has become the world’s most active punch market. However CNC H-Beam Drilling, compared to the past few years, this growth has been greatly reduced, and this decline is not the end of the process, from the China Punch Tool Industry Association statistics show that the first quarter of this year, China Punch tool output and sales growth Respectively metal fabrication, 16.7% and 16.1%, following the fourth quarter of last year continued to decline sharply.

A survey of more than 150 enterprises in the punch industry shows that the number of enterprises with negative growth has accounted for 52.9% of the total. In addition, China Punch Tool Industry Association, a key link in the first quarter of new orders and handheld orders were negative growth year on year, respectively, down 31.7% and 19.7%. Prior to China’s punch industry has been for 10 years of explosive growth may not continue, China’s punch industry has come the era of change, industrial restructuring and product upgrading is imperative to science and technology innovation as the driving force CNC drilling machine, and vigorously improve the High-end CNC punch market competitiveness of China’s punch industry is currently the core task.

Punch industry should shift to the manufacturing + service model

Dec 26

Punch is the industrial machine tool, punch manufacturing level directly affects the level of the entire manufacturing industry. In recent years, China punch in the low-end products on the overcapacity, but in the high-end punch with foreign enterprises have a large gap, mainly due to high-end features of Chinese enterprises can not produce, enter the market is limited. From this point of view, China’s punch industry in order to raise the level of research and development in the core components to achieve a breakthrough. For a five-axis linkage of the gantry punch, weighing several hundred kilograms of five-axis head to occupy the entire punch price of 60%, while the consumption of nearly 100 tons of steel host, the value of less than 40% It is necessary to focus on ‘core components’.

IPM punch very early aware of this, but also the core components of the earlier development of enterprises. 10 years ago, China’s first national industrial five-axis head is developed by the IPM punch out. Punch in order to play a greater role, we must let more users will use, good use, to do this, supporting services must keep up. If you can analyze the characteristics of each industry processing, induction, curing software band saw, then the customer as long as the demand, to the drawings, processing programming and services by the IPM precision punch to do, can guarantee product quality while accelerating the product Time to market. IPM precision punching machine from a purely into a punch press manufacturing enterprises + service providers best drill machine, to the IPM precision punch brought more room for development induction heating machine. After all, this industry belongs to the punch equipment industry, the market is always relatively saturated, while the service industry has a huge, sustainable growth of space.

Punch industry will be the direction of intelligent development Stamping

Dec 26

Punch industry will be the direction of intelligent development Stamping process in the production process is a traditional mechanical processing, saving materials and energy, high efficiency, the technical requirements of the operator is not high, through a variety of mold applications can be made by machining products can not achieve these advantages, and therefore its use More and more widely, the future of the punch industry will be the direction of intelligent development. Shangpu consulting machinery industry analysts pointed out: China’s punch press manufacturers of the basic characteristics of the punch there are two saw machine, one is rigid, which includes the longitudinal rigid – slider and table arch and rack elastic elongation; and Lateral stiffness under the influence of eccentric load of the horizontal displacement of the slider; the other for the slider movement characteristics girth welding machine, including the vertical, parallel, straightness, etc., have a great impact on product accuracy. The accuracy of the product is not only with the punch, and materials, molds, lubrication and so on, can not only consider a certain factor.

The accuracy of the thickness direction of the product is related to the longitudinal rigidity, while the deviation, bending or parallelism is related to the transverse rigidity and the characteristics of the motion profile. So to improve these characteristics steel hole punch machine, product accuracy can be improved, die life extension, production stability can be improved. Mechanical presses are the most widely used crank presses in stamping, the slowest toggle press near the bottom dead center, and the slider speed starts to slow down above the bottom dead center and have high torque capacity Of the connecting rod punch. The C-shaped punch, which was originally used as a general purpose machine, was also developed with high precision and high performance, and developed an integral type gantry punch. The connecting rod type with AIDA connecting rod drive mechanism and low speed near the bottom dead point and SPM unaffected punch. According to Shangpu Consulting released the ‘2011-2016 multi-position automatic CNC punch press market analysis and investment value of the study’ shows: In order to achieve no cutting forming, the punch of the functional requirements are getting higher and higher. Stamping machinery is the development trend of high precision, high rigidity, the characteristics of the slider movement, intelligent, multi-directional movement, and even the direction of environmental protection.

Punch precision testing tools – cylindrical return to the maintenance

Dec 26

Punch precision testing tools – cylindrical return to the maintenance The vertical movement of the punch slider and the verticality of the fuselage table surface is one of the most important static precision test items. To ensure the reliability of the accuracy and the portability of the measuring tool Angle Marking machine, the measuring gage is often made of steel cylinder gauge, Cylindrical precision in line with CNS 8093-B6059 specifications and the use of maintenance is a daily important work items punching machine for Head. Punch test on the use of steel cylindrical gauge has a bottom area of ​​?? small, any direction can be measured, the price is cheap, you can bring to the customer site and other advantages, and the other after the wear and accuracy can be used when the surface coating grinding High Speed Drilling Machine, precision testing Meet the standard can be re-use, to avoid the cost of new purchases.

The Control System of Punch Punch From the numerical control system control function

Dec 26

The Control System of Punch Punch From the numerical control system control function, the numerical control system is divided into: point position control numerical control system, the straight line control numerical control system as well as contour control numerical control system. CNC control system applies to: CNC boring and milling machine, CNC machine tools drill machine price, etc .; contour control system for numerical control: CNC lathes, CNC milling machine, CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools gantry Straightening Machine, CNC machine tools, , Machining centers, etc. for processing curves and surfaces of the machine. Modern CNC machine tools are basically equipped with this CNC system. Punch CNC system, refers to the feed servo subsystem without position measurement device of the numerical control system, in precision and speed requirements are not high, the drive torque is not widely used occasions, generally known as the economic numerical control system. Closed-loop CNC system, refers to the feed servo subsystem has a position measuring device! And the position measuring device is installed on the mechanical executing part to directly detect the actual position of the moving part busbar bending machine. Mainly used for high precision boring and milling machine, super-precision lathe, super-fine grinding machine and large CNC machine tools, generally known as high-end CNC system.

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